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Support for women at Front Runner Events

Here at Front Runner Events, we always aim to make our events as inclusive as possible for all participants. Following the race guidelines outlined on SheRACES, we’ve made some adjustments to ensure our events are as female friendly as possible.


Pregnant or postpartum participants can defer their place into the same event – should they want to.

Women Only Toilets

There will be women-only toilets supplied within the event village at all events, alongside the usual unisex toilets and urinals.

Period Products

Front Runner Events will provide free period products, including tampons and towels, which will be supplied in women-only toilets, the information point and at the hydration stops on they route, should you require them.


We have cut-offs in place for each of our events, which are continually reviewed. The cut-offs are in place largely due to the road closure restrictions we face at our events. Our cut-offs are made clear to our participants at the point of registration. To date, we have not had to stop a participant from completing an event and facilitate our participants as best we can to complete the event.

Prize Money/Awards

Our awards and prize money have always been equal and will continue to be.

Medical Issues

We always have both male and female medics available amongst our medical team on race day.

If you have any questions regarding additional support for example, breastfeeding, then please contact

We continually review our events alongside participant feedback, however, if you have any suggestions or any questions about how we can improve please email us after the event.