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Businesses, Residents & Spectators

As the race continues to grow, it attracts a greater field of entrants that help elevate the profile of the Tata Steel Llanelli 10K & Half Marathon and the region, as a great destination to visit.

Our aim is to also encourage more club, fun and casual runners who embrace the event and help raise significant amounts of money for many deserving charities in Wales and around the UK.

Always aiming to be bigger and better, we really need the backing and support of local businesses and residents to generate a great atmosphere. Let’s give the runners, some of whom have travelled far and wide, all the added incentive and support they need to get to the finish line. Being a spectator is a fun way to spend the morning watching and supporting the runners, especially those tired ones who need that extra cheer.

So why not come along, enjoy the atmosphere, support your loved ones or just be part of a great event in Llanelli?!?

Hundreds of well-wishers and spectators will be cheering on the runners at the start and finish area but there’s a lot of ground to cover when running this race! So, why not head out on the route to watch your loved one put in their best performance and give them that boost when they need it most? 


Whether you are an individual or a group of volunteers there’s a place for you!

Find out more and register on the

Please remember, if you, your family or friends are watching the race this year, please be courteous to the runners. It’s important that spectators don’t obstruct or move barriers/tape installed around the course – they are there for safety reasons!


Most smartphones have the ability to share their location with select people. There are a few ways to use this feature: Apple phones there is a ‘Find My’ app where you can link devices. Simply ask your participant open the Settings app, tap their name, then tap Find My. They then need to turn on Share My Location. Family Sharing is also an option only to share location with select participants. Find out more HERE.


Your loved one can also share their location via WhatsApp. To do this they must enable location permissions for WhatsApp in their phone’s Settings > Tap Apps> WhatsApp > Permissions > Location > Turn on WhatsApp. 

They can select from ‘Allow only while using the app,’ ‘Ask every time,’ and ‘Don’t allow.’

Once enabled, the participant can open an individual or group chat and tap Location > Share live location. They can then choose the amount of time and once done, those in the group can see a map with live location on the chat.


Strava also has a Beacon feature that offers location tracking. You need to be connected to your loved one on Strava first. Your runner must start a new run on Strava and tap the Beacon icon in the lower right. They then pick up three safety contacts who will receive their location during the event. An orange dot will indicate when Beacon is active and give an accurate GPS location which supporters can see on their app.

We hope these options will help you to experience the event along with your loved one on the big day. 

For more on the route and how to track your runner CLICK HERE.