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Race Day Game Plan

Do you have one? 

Having a plan on how you will tackle those miles on race day is always a good idea! That’s why we’ve come up with some tactics to help you #BeYourBest as you take on the Llanelli Half Marathon this September!

1. Pace Yourself: 
Start the race at a comfortable pace that you can sustain throughout the distance. Avoid the temptation to go out too fast, as it can lead to fatigue later on. Gradually increase your speed as the race progresses, especially during the latter stages when you have more energy and confidence.

2. Know the Course:
 Familiarise yourself with the course map and elevation profile before the race. Identify any challenging sections, such as hills or sharp turns, and plan your strategy accordingly. If possible, practice running on similar terrains to get a feel for them and adjust your pace accordingly.

3. Find Your Rhythm:
 Establish a steady breathing and running rhythm early in the race. This will help you maintain a consistent pace and avoid unnecessary energy expenditure. Focus on your form, relax your upper body, and try to find a comfortable stride length.

4. Positive Split or Negative Split:
 A positive split strategy involves running the first half of the race slightly slower than the second half. This approach can work well for longer distances, where conserving energy early on can lead to a stronger finish. On the other hand, a negative split strategy involves running the second half faster than the first. This approach can be effective for shorter distances or when you feel confident in your endurance and want to push the pace.

5. Watch Your Competition: 
If you are racing against others, keep an eye on your competitors. Choose to stay with a pack and use their pace as motivation or make a move to pass them if you feel confident.

6. Mental Focus:
 Running events can be mentally challenging, especially during the later stages when fatigue sets in. Stay positive and focused on your goals. Break the race into smaller segments or landmarks, and celebrate each milestone as you pass them. Try to imagine yourself crossing the finish line strong and achieving your desired outcome.

Remember, tactics can vary based on individual preferences and race circumstances. It’s essential to experiment with different strategies during training and learn what works best for you. Lastly, enjoy the experience and have fun while pushing yourself to achieve your running goals!