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Pre-Race Training Tips

Before any race, it is entirely normal to feel those last-minute nerves but we want to help you build confidence and prepare for what we hope will be a fantastic experience from start to finish! To do that, we have put together some top tips to reduce any anxiety you may have before you take on those 13.1 miles…


Participating in a race will open your eyes to all the pre-race organising that is needed and help you better prepare for race day. Not only does running a race allow you to see where your fitness levels are at, but it also introduces you to that race day buzz.


Consistency for your race is important no matter what distance you are doing. It’s ok to miss a run or two, but you must not let it become a habit. There’s no need to build up the miles of an elite runner, but you do want to have some consistent training in the bag.


You should be able to run/walk for 90 minutes. The idea here is that you are able to continue exercising for this length of time. Covering 13.1 miles doesn’t necessarily mean you have to run the whole race, but you should be able to keep moving this whole time.

You don’t have to cover the whole race distance in your training, but you should be getting in at least one long run a week.


The number one thing you DO NOT want to be doing race week is overdoing it. Do not try to cram weeks of training into one just to get those extra miles in. It won’t be worth it, and you’ll risk injury occurring and you won’t end up running the event and that’s the last thing you want!


During your tapering period, you want to be reducing the intensity by about 50-60% during race week. Gradually reduce your training, incorporating shorter runs during race week as this will help avoid injury leading up to the event.

Good luck and trust in your training! We can’t wait to see raring to go at the start line as you #Runelli!