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M&D Care Llanelli Half Marathon x Running Punks

Today we’re announcing a new initiative at the M& D Care Llanelli Half Marathon and combining forces with Running Punks to create our (un)official running club.

Running Punks are the brainchild of Jimmy Watkins and Rhodri Morgan who have created and brought together a community inspired by running and music. Running Punks are united by their love of good people doing good things.

David Martin-Jewell, Race Director said,

“I’ve become good friends with Jimmy since our paths crossed last year. We’ve spoken a lot about his own journey, which is incredible. When I found out about Running Punks, I got it, I understood the messaging and philosophy and pleased to be one of them.

Running and music are two passions of mine that have clearly captured the imagination of so many runners around the world. To witness the growth of the Running Punks community has been great to watch from afar and I’m so pleased for Jimmy and Rhod.

I was running with Jimmy a few weeks ago, chatting about a number of things and it came to me that we could create an (un)official running club for the M&D Care Llanelli Half Marathon and the Running Punks should be it. Living in Llanelli, Jimmy agreed almost immediately, so we hope that more people will be inspired to run from our collaboration.”

Jimmy Watkins, Running Punk said,

“This is brilliant news, we just wanted to bring likeminded people together, it was never part of our plan to link to a race, so this is just epic. Music and running are both about self-expression. They are both celebrations, and used wisely, they can both lead to self-betterment. In the past there has been segregation, stereotypes and misconceptions that if you do one, you cannot do the other. We want to change this. We want to encourage as many people as possible to put on their daps and start running so they can experience the benefits as we have.

If you’re a musician, a music lover, an artist, someone creative, someone unique, someone who has never run before – we want you to join our tribe. We break down the traditional barriers that people have experienced in the past. It doesn’t matter what kit you’re wearing, or if you run fast or not. The important thing is that you take that first step, and you keep on moving. You move because it helps chase away the chaos and it helps you think about and conquer any problems you may be facing. Running is the perfect antidote to a cluttered and stress filled existence. It’s the best kept secret. Sometimes being loud is not enough for you to be heard.

Sometimes it’s about more than just turning up. Running Punks are here to help and inspire you, no matter who you are. Running is a chance to do something new. A chance to move away from your demons, expectations and self-doubt. Running is rebellion. Running is punk.”

For more information on Running Punks go to their website:

The M&D Care Llanelli Half Marathon takes place on Sunday 31st October, starting and finishing outside Parc Y Scarlets. Entries close on Friday 15th October at 12noon, unless the course capacity is reached prior to this date. Sign up today at and join us as we #RunElli this Halloween.