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10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Run A 10K

How many times have you considered running a 10K event near you? 

There really isn’t anything stopping you from making that commitment and here are our top reasons why everyone from new runners to seasoned marathoners, should sign up for a 10K as your next race…

1. It’s a great stepping-stone.

Just like the half-marathon can act as a stepping-stone to the marathon, the 10K can be the step-up you’re looking for. If you’ve stuck to 5Ks, it’s a great way to test your endurance in a 10K before committing to longer-distance events. After a 10K or two, you’ll have a better idea of what it takes to pace yourself for longer distances.

2. You recover quickly and can race again shortly after.

3. Some would call it the perfect distance!

It’s not as intense as a 5K, or as long as a half, so it’s a great distance to run with it being a challenge, just the same!

4. You can be ready for a 10K in a few weeks.

The training is nowhere near as intense as longer distance events and can be done by people with even the busiest of schedules! Check out our training 10K plans HERE.

5. If a 5K isn’t enough but a half is too much, it’s the race for you!

6. A chance for speed

If you’re a long-distance runner, the 10K is a great chance to inject some speed into your running. Shifting your focus from long-distance events down to a shorter race like a 10K can offer some variety to your running and help make training more enjoyable. Most runners like to go fast, so why not pick the Gorseinon 10K to do just that!?!

7. You can race in the morning and enjoy the rest of your day.

Unlike a marathon or a half-marathon, you’ll complete your 10K fairly quickly. In longer races, you could be on the course for hours. In a 10K, it’s much easier to convince yourself keep going, because when you tell yourself it’s not much further to the finish line, you’re not lying!

8. There’s usually one close by, like the new Llanelli 10K in February or Gorseinon 10K in May…so there’s no need to travel long distances!

9. Easier to convince friends

You’ll probably have a tough time trying to convince a friend to run a marathon with you (unless they’re an avid long-distance runner!) The prospect of taking part in a 10K is much less daunting and even the non-runners amongst us could consider trying one out. Plus, if you can convince them to run a 10K, they might get hooked!

10. Crossing the finish line of any race (no matter the distance) is always exhilarating!