Good Luck in the 2020 Risk Kitchen Llanelli Half Marathon!!

Good Luck in the 2020 Risk Kitchen Llanelli Half Marathon!!
We want to wish each and every runner that is participating in #RunElli this Sunday, the VERY BEST OF LUCK!! We are super excited to welcome back a number of runners, but, also super excited to welcome all our newcomers! If this is your 10th Half Marathon or your very first Half Marathon, we are all cheering you on! The 2020 Risk Kitchen Llanelli Half Marathon start line is only around the corner, and so is the finish line! We will see you all Sunday morning in Parc Y Scarlets & as a team we take on #RunElli

Weather & Water

Since the postponement of the Risk Kitchen Llanelli Half Marathon and the unusual high number of storms we have been experiencing, we have been monitoring the weather closer than ever. The wind and rain in the region has been relentless and most weekends have been washed out. Nevertheless, we are very much looking forward to hosting this year’s race and kicking off our series of events this coming Sunday 8th March 2020 at Parc Y Scarlets.

The predicted weather is currently reporting strong gusts, and whilst this means the event can proceed, it does have an impact on our plans. Our aim was to trial the use of compostable cups at the water stations across the course, which would be the first of our events to cut back plastics during a race. However, the gusts are likely to exceed 35mph, which means that the water stations, waste zones, and cups will not withstand the winds.

What does this mean?
As part of our commitment to you our runners, and the guidelines set out by UK Athletics, we must hydrate and provide at least 200ml of water per runner, per water station. Therefore, in response to the predicted weather, assessment of risk and above all the safety of our runners we will being providing small bottles of water to each participant.

The bottles being used are 330ml, which is the smallest available and ensure runners are suitably hydrated whilst minimising the amount of plastic on the course. Our duty of care extends to the runners and the environment, however, we must provide sterile drinking water to you safely and we consider this to be the most suitable alternative, given the circumstances and time frame. The bottles are 100% recyclable, including labels and lids and we urge everyone to use the recycle bins so they can go on to have a second life.

What can runners do?
We would still like to encourage runners to run like they train on race day. Whether you normally run with reusable water bottles or hydration pack, everyone can play a part in helping reduce the use of plastic further. We will endeavour to trial cups at our other events, but we are at the mercy of the weather and many other external factors. Should there be any further changes, we will let you know.

Lastly, we would like to wish everyone a great race, and hope you have an enjoyable event experience!

Following the postponement of the original event that was scheduled for the 9th February 2020 due to Storm Ciara. We’ve recently been advised by the Local Authority that there was structural damage to a number of flats along the route which will result in a small diversion. This is the second time this particular building has affected the event and has resulted in this course of action being taken. The building in question, is near the Dafen Bridge and within the Bwlch y Gwynt residential development (approx. located at mile 8 of the course). As such, Carmarthenshire County Council have instructed that we cannot use this part of the course for this weekend’s event. Therefore, we have no alternative but to amend the route as shown below (red line is previous route, blue is the new diversion). We will have robust measures in place to ensure that the route is safe for runners and spectators alike.

We have informed the race governing body of the impact of this change of the route and will be working closely with the Local Authority to mitigate the changes on the day. The changes will be sign posted and there will be sufficient marshals and race team members on the course to assist with the diversion.

The race start time remains unaffected and we are looking forward through welcoming the biggest ever field that Llanelli Half Marathon has ever had.

Be prepared for #RunElli
As Sunday approaches, please remember to leave enough time to park and prepare for the race. Parking is not available within Parc Y Scarlets; car parks are adjacent to the Stadium with an undress to walk to the start/finish area.

We are aware of a fun fair being situated in one of the event car parks. We have reviewed the area and the remains ample parking alongside the fun fair. However, we have agreed with Tata Steel that we can utilise their overflow car parks situated further along the link road, which will increase car parking capacity on the day. However, we urge all participants to arrive and park their cars in advance of the road closures at 8:30.

Risk Kitchen Llanelli Half Marathon is a fully closed race event. Details of all the roads affected, and the timings of closures can be seen in the traffic plan above.

Complete The Information On The Back Of Your Bib
It is extremely important that you complete the information on the back of your Race Bib. Your Race Bib is your identification during the Race. Do not cut or fold your Race Bib and please remember to bring your Bib with you, without it you will NOT be able to complete the Race. If you lose or misplace your Race Bib please come to the Information Point on Level 1 of Parc Y Scarlets where you can purchase a replacement bib for £10 (cash only).

If you can no longer run on Sunday, it is important that you email us and advise us of this. You MUST NOT give/sell your Race Bib to another runner, if you do, they will be disqualified and you will BOTH be banned from all future Front Runner Events.

iTAB… the race medal personalization that helps you to celebrate your achievement.
iTAB is a great way to personalize your Llanelli Half Marathon finisher medal with your name and finish time. The personalized plate sits on the ribbon of your medal with a special buckle attachment to help you to remember your achievement for years to come. If you’ve already ordered your iTAB in registration, you don’t need to do anything as it will be mailed to you shortly after race day.
If you have not ordered an iTAB, don’t worry! Simply visit our shop here and add iTAB or order your iTAB after the event via the link we’ll share with you in the post-race newsletter.